Are you planning a project to save energy in households or small organisations? Do you need advice on how to connect with energy users and work with them for lasting energy savings? This Toolkit, based on a European project called CHANGING BEHAVIOUR, helps you find your way.

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Welcome! There are four pages that you start with. The about page explains where the toolkit comes from. The toolkit introduction explains how to get a quick overview in 15 minutes. The structure and concepts page explains what can be found behind what menu on this site and defines important concepts. Finally, you could start with a self-check. It suggests personalized starting points based on your needs. You can also start with our questions and answers, which apply the toolkit to typical questions by previous users.



Steps frontpage
The step-by-step guide offers you advice and tools for preparing, designing and evaluating your energy saving project.

Case Study Highlight

Negotiated agreement to promote energy audits and investments in municipalities

Project Story Highlight

Promoting energy efficiency investments in a residential area in Finland.