Energy Expert programme

Training of volunteer residents promoting energy efficiency in housing associations
Target Group: 
Households / consumers
Energy expert is as programme co-ordinated by the Centre for Energy Efficiency (Motiva). The aim of the programme is to generate energy efficiency at household level by training ordinary people to act as energy experts within the dwellings they live. The programme was developed together with VVO and it has been ongoing since 1995, when first experts were trained. VVO is by far the largest social housing organization in Finland.The company also constructs dwellings and sells them different housing actors. All together Motiva and the expert trainers’ network have trained over 3 000 energy experts in Finland and for example housing organization VVO has organized training for over 700 energy experts since 1995.
Energy experts are volunteer tenants/residents who have been trained to be active in energy issues in the building they live. They can monitor sudden changes in the energy, electricity and heating consumption. They also provide advice and assistance to other residents/tenants about more efficient energy and water use. And they act as contact persons towards the housing organization and the housing management company and vice versa. Energy experts’ activities have proved to be successful. Motiva has reported that in the buildings where there have been active energy experts an average increase of the energy conservation for heating 5 %, 10 % decreases in electricity consumption and 20 % in water usage have been achieved.