Taupukas residential awareness campaign

Communicate the benefits of energy and water consumption efficiency and stimulate saving
Target Group: 
Households / consumers
1998 - 1999
Based on the situation of the Lithuanian energy sector in 1997, the idea emerged to raise awareness of energy saving issues in the residential sector in Lithuania. The main idea was to implement an advertisement campaign, revealing the benefits of energy and water reservoir saving. A five-year campaign and strategy to raise awareness of energy efficiency was set up. For the implementation of these strategy measures the ‘Taupukas’ programme was created (in English - ‘little saver’). The ‘Taupukas’ programme was the first programme in Lithuania on awareness raising aspects.


The reactions, interests and attitudes to 'Taupukas' from society were positive. The character 'Taupukas' was known as a positive person, who provides information about saving or gives directions on where to find this. However to be effective on the longer term this programme shows that advertisement campaigns and programmes such as the 'Taupukas' programme should follow continuity, advertisement development, targets and development principles.