Creation of a renewable, energy self-sufficient island municipality
Target Group: 
Municipalities / Local communities
1997 - 2005
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A small Danish island Samsø won the contest to be “Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island” in 1997. It meant that Samsø would be expected to convert all its energy supply to 100% renewable energy within 10 years. The programme was very ambitious, because it tried to change the energy production and consumption of a whole island within a decade. A large network of different actors evolved to support the project. An energy plan that investigated the available resources was used as a guideline through the project.
Overall, the renewable energy island project must be deemed almost completely successful, because it fulfilled most of the goals that were set. The primary objective - 100% self-sufficiency with renewable energy using local resources - has been achieved in 8 years, two years ahead of time. Other accomplishments include three new district heating plants that were built and 10 offshore and 11 onshore wind turbines that were established. The project was less successful in the transportation sector and in behavioural changes that the project aimed at.