Green Office Programme

Certification and management scheme to reduce CO2 and resource consumption in offices
Target Group: 
Offices and SMEs
Green Office is a programme operated by WWF Finland. The aim of the programme is to offer offices a simplified environmental management and certification system, with a special focus on CO2 emissions. The ultimate goal of the programme is to combat climate change through energy efficiency and renewables, reduce natural resource use, and promote sustainable lifestyles through enhanced employee awareness.
Green Office is a purely voluntary and self-financing programme and the target group participates voluntarily and finances the programme through fees paid by participants. Green Office is an advice and certification programme which provides participants with information about how to achieve energy and environmental savings, and provides their stakeholders with information about which offices can be considered ‘green’, i.e., good partners to co-operate with or attractive employers to work for.
The target group includes office facilities in Finland that wish to improve their environmental management. Currently, 200 offices in 80 different organisations have gained the Green Office certificate. They include the head offices of some large companies (e.g., banks), media companies, and in particular, large non-profit organizations.