EnERLIn - Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative

Increase CFL penetration by 50% via promotion campaign and quality charter
Target Group: 
Manufacturers / retailers
Households / consumers
2006 - 2008
 ‘European Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative’ (EnERLIn) was created by Universite Toulouse in France. The University is also one of the programme coordinators. An important objective of the project is to identify all possible reasons of rejecting compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), to develop good answers and then to translate them into clear and understandable statements for the non-specialists. The next step is to develop and validate functional, efficient scenarios for CFL promotion campaigns on European, national and regional levels. At the same time, the aim is to disseminate a quality charter among all the stakeholders to assure that the CFL can deliver long-term savings and meet the customer expectations of high quality lighting.
The methodology of EnERLIn project is based on addressing a large number of target groups and key actors. An EnERLIn programme was implemented in Latvia, in the municipality of Jelgava. This campaign can be considered successfully implemented based on the fact that during its implementation, the amount of CFL sales quadrupled. In addition, the residents’ attitudes towards the municipality of Jelgava and towards energy saving has changed dramatically.