Energy Trophy

Competition for energy savings in office buildings through changes in employee behaviour
Target Group: 
Offices and SMEs
Full report: 
Energy Trophy (ET) is an EU-wide programme in the form of a competition for energy savings in office buildings, by changing employee behaviour. The goal of the programme is to reduce energy consumption specifically through behavioural change within organisations which does not require investments into energy saving devices. However, low cost investments such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and timers are permitted. ET also has a focus on cost savings to increase participation and CO2 reduction.
The first round of ET was launched in 2004/2005 with 38 participating companies and institutions from six countries. The results from the first round were promising with an average energy savings of 7%. Overall the ET programme is considered to be a success as future rounds of the competition are already planned. In fact an established framework is being developed to formalise the competition in future rounds to ensure it runs smoothly. Furthermore, the programme offers significant benefits such as public recognition through the award of prizes and publicity, corporate identification and motivation for the staff of participating organisations and reduced operating costs as energy consumption is reduced though minimal investments.