Country Profile: Finland


Status: August 2010

The Finnish energy system is quite diversified, with almost equal shares of various energy sources (fossil fuels, hydro, renewables, nuclear). Finland’s per capita energy consumption is high due to the industrial structure, which is more dominated by heavy industries than any other country in Europe. Because industry is already fairly energy efficient, the largest cuts in CO2 emissions are now to be made in the non-emissions trading sector (small energy users)  [link 1]

Key institutions include Motiva as the key implementer of energy efficiency policy in Finland. It has many tasks, which include the marketing, support and monitoring of the Energy Efficiency Agreements, certification of energy audit services, increasing the use of renewable energy, promoting of material and energy efficiency, influencing attitudes and consumer habits and monitoring and impact assessment [link 2]. A network of regional energy advice centres is currently being established. Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, has an Energy Programme, which aims to improve the efficiency of the built environment and the energy awareness of Finns, in addition to creating new business opportunities from the ongoing energy transition [link 3].