Energy Academy

Training volunteers to engage, enthuse and support local residents in practical action on climate change
Target Group: 
Municipalities / Local communities
Households / consumers

The aim of Energy Academy project is to recruit a force of 10-15 volunteers who are willing to be trained by the sustainable development charity, Action for Sustainable Living (AfSL), in engaging, enthusing and supporting local residents taking practical action on climate change. The volunteers will operate in the Greater Manchester borough of Trafford, and in doing so also refer people to the domestic energy efficiency services offered by the Greater Manchester ‘spoke’ of the national Energy Savings Trust Advice Centre (GM ESTAC) network. It is co-ordinated by Manchester Knowledge Capital (M:KC).

The target group for the Energy Academy consists of four groups: a fuel rich community, a fuel poor community, a mixed community and what the project characterizes as a community of interests (e.g. a college). In addition, through engaging with different target groups it creates the possibilities for comparing and contrasting the lessons from these different groups.

The objectives of the Energy Academy were:

  1. To increase referrals to the GM ESTAC for domestic energy efficiency / renewables advice.
  2. To increase uptake of ESTAC services including home energy checks, grant support.
  3. To increase awareness of climate change and the need for personal action.


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