Climate Club Godollo

Raise awareness of and find solutions for climate change in local households
Target Group: 
Households / consumers
Climate Club aimed at involving Godollo households to raise awareness of climate change issues in households, establish links between climate change and household consumption, and create a sense of responsibility in households. “The idea was to make an extensive review of the existing methodologies for measuring household carbon footprinting and to adopt one that would be most suitable for the context of Godollo town”, says Edina Vadovics, GreenDependent’s President and pilot manager.
Climate Club Godollo was launched at a local food festival which served as a good platform for spreading the information about future club activities and encouraging local residents to join the club. To promote the club, GreenDependent also advertised in the local media and through their networks. Climate Club meetings took place once a month from October 2009 to June 2010. Through short presentations (sometimes by well-known guest presenters) and talks, participants learnt how every day activities can contribute to climate change, and tried to identify what needs to be changed within their own households. The informal atmosphere in the club permitted people to share their ideas and concerns about climate change and collectively search for solutions that they could implement in their households.
At the end of the final club meeting in June 2010, participants and organizers discussed what they have learnt throughout the club and how they would like the club to continue in the future. Quite a few members expressed that they would like to organize community events (e.g. bicycle demonstrations, waste collection in public green areas or tree planting) or participate at community events (e.g. through having a climate club stall) to make environmental actions and behaviour more visible and to attract others to the club.



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