KRED-EX Energy Saving Competence Centre

Promotion and knowledge networking on energy saving measures in apartment buildings
Target Group: 
Owners of houses, buildings or apartments
Households / consumers
2005 - 2007
KredEx was established in 2001 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications with a purpose to improve the financing opportunities of small and medium-sized companies, manage credit risks connected with export, enable people to build or renovate a home, apartment house and develop energy-saving way of thinking, thus change their behavioural habits towards improved energy efficiency. The mission of KredEx is manyfold and relies on public interest

In general, KredEx offers financial solutions, which are based on the best practices of the world to achieve the abovementioned goals. KredEx is created to significantly decrease market failures regarding the services that organizations active in the private market do not wish to offer yet due to small market share, low profitability or other reasons, but which are still necessary, considering the development of Estonian economy or improving the quality of life of population. The purpose of KredEx is to serve the interests of the Estonian society as a whole.

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