Warmzone Kirklees

Free cavity-wall and loft insulation in the Borough of Kirklees
Target Group: 
Owners of houses, buildings or apartments
Municipalities / Local communities
2007 - 2010
The project Warm Zone is currently being implemented in Kirklees, a local authority district in the north-east of England. Warm Zone is large and ambitious in its approach and scope: providing free cavity and loft insulation for all houses in Kirklees. Residents are informed about options to lower energy consumption, renewable energy production, air and water conservation measures. Where properties cannot be insulated, householders are informed about other local schemes such as RE-Charge, which offers an interest free loan to install renewable energy technologies.
The project runs from 2007 – 2010 but already shows impressive results at the time of writing (mid-2009): around 70% of all houses have already been visited. Few had already been insulated prior to Warm Zone and some would not profit from the insulations works offered, but for many the insulation works progressed well. The project compels through its clear goal setting and careful organisation. Furthermore, a well-targeted communication strategy allows clear information and invitations to participate for all citizens. Finally, the programme caught a lot of attention, also because of its clear focus, broad scope and positive effects for local citizens and economy.
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