Building energy audits

Energy audits of apartment blocks
Target Group: 
Owners of houses, buildings or apartments
2003 - 2008
During the last 5 years, the Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency has been providing support for energy audits in Latvia. The goal of the support is to provide information to end-users about the energy efficiency level in their buildings and to promote adequate energy efficient measures. The existing housing stock in Latvia has a significant potential for energy savings, as regards multifamily houses. But there have not been many refurbishments projects implemented until now. Technologies and possible energy efficient measurements are well known, but, due to different reasons, the process of implementing an energy efficiency project is not simple.
The Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency involved the private sector for sponsoring the project. The projects are successful according to the Agency, but only some of the buildings have implemented energy efficient measures after the energy audits. There were no specific targets defined for the project. Specific targets for behavioural changes are also not considered. The only actual target was to provide a grant for carrying out a set of energy audits. On the other hand, one of the aims of the project was to distribute information about energy efficiency in buildings. This target was reached, as several workshops were organized in different parts of Latvia.
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