On-site advice service for energy efficiency renovations provided by consumer NGO
Target Group: 
Owners of houses, buildings or apartments
Ruhr area
2005 - 2008
Full report: 
The project “strengthening the regional economy by creation or securing employment in the Ruhr area by independent energy consultancy of private consumers living in or owning old buildings” is implemented by the consumer organisation of the German state North Rhine-Westphailia (Verbraucherzentrale NRW). The Ruhr area was chosen, because the part of not yet refurbished old houses is higher than average.
For private property owners of flats and residential buildings as well as for tenants consultation energertic refurbishment is offered. This results in contributions to climate protection and in strengthening the regional economy. The aim is to motivate towards energy modernisation and the use of renewable energies. For this reason independent energy advisers come to the buildings and do a qualified counselling in-situ. Different aspects of energy-modernisation are touched by the project. The improvement of the living quality aims at stopping people from leaving the area and enforce the regional economy, as many of the measures are being realised by local craftsmen, archictects and engineers.
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