Eco n'Home

Reducing energy use and emissions in households via personal energy advice
Target Group: 
Owners of houses, buildings or apartments
2006 - 2008
Full report: 
The aim of the European research project Eco n’Home was to monitor and reduce the energy consumption of 940 households across Europe. A second aim was to evaluate current methodologies and deliver a new method for advising households on sustainable energy in their dwelling and travel. The overall method consisted of an initial contact between household and energy advisor, an Energy Audit, an Audit report, an Action Plan, a Follow-up and a Final evaluation report. The strength of the method is the personal contact and long term focus. The nine project partners implemented the Eco n’Home method in a flexible way in nine samples.
40% of the participating households withdrew during the project mainly due to personal circumstances. The households that stayed within the project met the target on heating reduction. The other targets on the reduction of total energy consumption, the specific use of electricity, transports and CO2 emissions were not met. Apart from these, the nine samples had diverse outcomes on specific aspects that in many cases can be explained by the variations of the overall method used and the different local contexts. The project partners of the Eco n’Home project also performed a self evaluation on the method. This led to 10 recommendations and lessons for future energy service projects.
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