Information about energy intermediaries

A rose by any other name...? New contexts and players in European energy efficiency programmes

E. Heiskanen, M. Hodson, T. Kallaste, P. Maier, S. Marvin, R. Mourik, S. Rinne, M. Saastamoinen, E. Vadovics

The paper discusses the diversity of ways in which new energy intermediaries in old and new member states of the EU are working to promote energy efficiency. We analyse the merits of ‘nesting’ energy efficiency within a broader climate or sustainability agenda. This broader agenda provides some advantages for the promotion of energy efficiency, but also some special challenges.


Intermediaries as Innovating Actors in the Transition to a Sustainable Energy System

J. Backhaus

This article examines the role of intermediaries as implementers of demand-side management projects. Research into the reasons of successes and failures of intermediary work and a theoretical corroboration for their practical work can help intermediaries to improve their programme designs and implementation strategies. Paying more attention to context, stakeholders, monitoring, evaluation and learning enables the development of tailor-made, widely supported projects with higher chances of success. In addition to practical support for their work, intermediaries can benefit from stronger policy support. Central European Journal of Public Policy 4 (1): 86–109.


Chapter on 'Energy Intermediaries' of the CHANGING BEHAVIOUR Deliverable 5

S. Breukers, E. Heiskanen, R.M. Mourik, D. Bauknecht, M.Hodson, Y. Barabanova, B. Brohmann, V. Bürger, C.F.J. Feenstra, M. Jalas, M. Johnson, P. Maier, S. Marvin, H. Meinel, J. Pariag, M. Rask, S. Rinne, S. Robinson, M. Saastamoinen, J. Salminen, I. Valuntiené, E. Vadovics

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