Information for governments

Energy Efficiency Governance - Handbook


This handbook has been written to assist EE practitioners, government officials and stakeholders to establish effective EE governance structures for their country. The handbook provides readers with relevant information in an accessible format that will help develop comprehensive and effective governance mechanisms. The detailed report is also avialable.


Save Energy, Save the Climate, Save Money. Guide for Local and Regional Governments

Council of European Municipalities and Regions

This guidebook is aimed at local and regional governments, both elected representatives and technical personnel. It contains a pool of ideas, measures and good practice examples that help local and regional governments develop and implement action plans for sustainable energy.


Germany's Climate Intiative

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Information for local authorities.


MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy

Institute for Government & Cabinet Office

Today's policy makers are in the business of influencing behaviour - they need to understand the effects their policies may be having. The aim of MINDSPACE is to help them do this, and in doing so get better outcomes for the public and society. The report explores how behaviour change theory can help meet current policy challenges, such as how to reduce crime, tackle obesity and ensure environmental sustainability.


Promoting Pro-Environmental Behaviour: Existing evidence to inform better policy making

A. Darnton, J. Elster-Jones, K. Lucas, M. Brooks

Defra commissioned a consortium led by the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Westminster to carry out an analysis of the existing evidence base relating to pro-environmental behaviour change. The study reviewed evidence on both producers and consumers, at the individual and collective levels. Summary report: