Apartment buildings modernisation programme

Promote energy modernisation of apartment buildings via demonstrations and subsidies
Target Group: 
Owners of houses, buildings or apartments

The modernization programme covers one type of buildings: multi-apartment buildings (block of flats). This type of buildings amounts to a major share of the energy consumption and have high energy saving potential. Saving potential is significant when energy prices became unpredictable. Apartment buildings in Lithuania, compared with countries in the European Union, use much more energy for heating. For this reason the renovation programme aimed at lowering energy consumption in buildings was introduced.


The project have resulted in significant savings - from 20% to 60%. Unfortunately, at present the projects are only cost-effective based on subsidies. Despite some barriers, it appears that the (ongoing) programme can be finished successfully. People have become interested in renovation independently, even without the outlook on subsidy (changed thinking). The number of applications and implemented projects has increased.


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