Introduction to the MECHanisms toolkit

Step-by-step themesThe most important part of the toolkit is the Step-by-Step Guide. The Step-by-Step guide offers advice to improve energy change projects in under three themes: Understand, Plan & Do, and Evaluate & Learn. Each theme consists of 4 or 5 steps. We hope that the toolkit will be useful both as a quick reference and as inspiration for project managers who need to fine-tune their project plans. Because the toolkit contains more information than is possible to grasp in a quick session, the first experience might be overwhelming. To decrease the risk of information overload, we suggest these learning paths:

  • Get a quick overview in 15 minutes
    Browse through the steps casually and spend about 1 minute on each step.
  • If you have 1 hour
    (15 min) Start with the quick overview, so that you know the key messages.
    (15 min) Check out the key instructions and tools from the three steps that are most important to you currently.
    (10 min) Check if your country is among the profiled ones and check a case study from your selected country.
    (20 min) Do the self-check and check the content suggestions that meet your situation.
  • If you have more time
    Do the quick overview and then whatever interests you most. You can also start to engage with the backgrounds and knowledge quick bites for the steps that interest you most. Compare your project plan with the key instructions for each step.

More info on toolkit structure and concepts