How easy is this behaviour to change?

When planning a behaviour change project, you need to know how easy it is for the target group to change their behaviour:

  • A particular behaviour may be very important for energy use, but if it is very difficult to change in your particular context, then you might reconsider targeting this behaviour. You might instead target other behaviours that are less important to the target group and can be changed more easily.
  • You might also target another group. Change may be easier for some groups than others.
  • You might still decide to focus on this behaviour, but be prepared for the necessary time and resources. 
Practical examples of questions to ask:
  • How strongly entrenched is this behaviour – is it a habit or a convention that seems to people to be the ‘normal’ way of doing things?
  • Has anyone been able to change this behaviour before?
  • How exceptional do the circumstances need to be for this behaviour to change?
  • Are certain people more attached to the existing situation than others – e.g. young people or older people?