Why do you need milestones?

Milestones are predefined ‘route markers’ indicating where evaluations should take place during the course of your project.  These route markers help you decide in which direction to continue, which path to take, and help to ensure that your project is on track. 

Consider the example of an evaluation occurring at the end of a key activity of your project which indicates that your project has not sufficiently met one or more of your success indicators.  Once this has been clearly established your project and team can decide the best course of action.  Perhaps that is to ‘backtrack’ and fix the issue before it negatively impacts your final results or expectations of a funder, or to move forward having learned a key lesson. 

Mid-term evaluations serve a key role as they can help you to avoid problems before they occur. Even if nothing is wrong, they can build confidence on your chosen ‘path’ and reassure your project and team members.