Power Agents

Young people are supported in becoming Power Agents who take care of their own energy consumption and spread their knowledge to their families and their surroundings.
Target Group: 
Households / consumers

The Power Agents project aims at spreading knowledge of energy saving and changing behaviour in households by clear positive messages. The project wants to motivate and support young people in becoming “Power Agents” who take care about their own energy consumption and who spread their knowledge by taking care of the energy consumption of their families and their personal surroundings. The Power Agents project is part of the EU project “Mein Haus spart” (“My house saves”).

Claudia Bruhn works at the regional consumer organisation “Verbraucherzentrale NRW” in North Rhine Westphalia (VZ NRW) and is involved in the Power Agents project. “A lot of simple measures to save energy in everyday life are not practiced in wide parts of the society even though saving energy is recognised as an important step in counteracting climate change. We want to give young people some knowledge how to effectively save energy in their surrounding and the benefits these measures can bring.” The project focuses on energy savings in households and is especially designed for a target group of teenagers in order to make energy issues important to these young people already at this early stage of their life.

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