Instrument: Energy audits and advice

Energy advice - what is it worth? 

Sarah Darby

What are the factors needed for advice to be effective? To what extent can advice to individuals be standardised? And how is advice best monitored and evaluated? Advice intiatives in the UK are reviewed.


Evaluation of free-of-charge energy audits

Kirsten Dyhr-Mikkelsen, Peter Bach

The Danish government is currently reviewing the publicly funded energy efficiency activities in Denmark, and evaluations are being carried out to provide the necessary basis for decision-making.


Effective advice - Energy efficiency and the disadvantaged

Brenda Boardman, Sarah Darby

The aims of this study are to provide a better understanding of how disadvantaged householders can be encouraged to seek and act on energy efficiency advice; how they prefer to access advice; and the relative effectiveness of different modes of giving advice.


Energy advice in Europe 2007

SErENADE (2007): Energy advice in Europe 2007. A review of current practice in advice on sustainable energy in the countries of the European Union. Funded by Intelligent Energy Europe. Includes lots of good suggestions for how to organise advice schemes.