Target group: Offices and SMEs

Carbon Trust Business activities

Carbon Trust

Online training tool to create a cost and cabron saving plan for your office.


European website for energy efficiency in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Research project financed under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme
The primary project objective is to further develop and promote the widespread application of benchmarking and energy management in order to improve energy efficiency in industrial SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), with particular focus on the food and drink industry.


What prevents organisations from implementing energy saving measures? Case studies of Norwegian public and commercial companies

Hanne Sæle, Pål Næsje, Øivind Hagen, Håvard Nordvik

The goal was to study the reasons for not implementing actions or for the delay. Most analyses of this kind analyse successful implementations. Here, however, the research issue is why organizations choose not to implement solutions that make sense, both economically and technically?


Managing Change: Resource Efficiency and Corporate Responsibility - How to manage change in an organisation

Government Office for the South West (UK) and envirowise

This guide has been written for the purpose of helping organisations manage change as they seek to become more sustainable through resource efficiency and taking corporate responsibility for the effects of the business on the wider community. It can also be used as a tol by environmental business support organisations when assisting companies.