We learned things we hadn’t even thought about in the beginning of the project. - Claudia Bruhn, VZ NRW

This is an excerpt from the pilot project story Power Agents – VZ NRW working with the Make Energy Change Happen Toolkit. Here, we describe how Claudia Bruhn and her colleagues got some feedback from their target group, and what they learned from it.

Get some feedback

Apart from collecting unsolicited feedback received during the training sessions or in conversations with teachers and young Power Agents, the Energy Change toolkit made the team at VZ NRW decide to collect feedback about the success of the project in a more structured way as well. A questionnaire for the participants was developed, which each group of Power Agents is asked to fill out some time after their training is finished.

Claudia Bruhn explains: “With this questionnaire we get to know, how much about energy saving the young Power Agents remember from our training sessions and from their consultations in households. Also, we learn if the kids liked the workshops and whether they are motivated to further spread their knowledge about effective energy saving.”


The Power Agents project team at VZ NRW is thrilled about the positive feedback they get from the young people. Claudia Bruhn adds: “And we discovered that our project also served as a facilitator in multicultural understanding, something we haven’t even thought about in the beginning.”

A significant part of the students in the Power Agents workshops have a immigrant background. Their parents often don’t speak or read German very well, but the Power Agent take the energy saving checklist and the list of individual saving measures home and translate the content for their mothers and fathers.