Step 13: Evaluate and improve

picture_evaluate_and_improve.jpgTypically evaluations are conducted at the end of a project. However, to gain the most from the process of evaluation, and more importantly to make changes that keep your project on course, it is useful to plan a number of regular periodic evaluations. They will help you see what is working and what is not, and help you improve your project while it is ongoing.

Periodic evaluations are best done when you reach certain milestones of the project – when certain stages are completed or when important decisions are to be made.


Key Instructions: 

1. Make sure you have established milestones for periodic evaluations (See Knowledge Quick Bite: Why do you need milestones?).

2. Start by revisiting you success indicators and criteria that you have developed at the begining of the project (See Step 6: Define goals and manage external demands for more info).

3. Reflect on what success criteria have been met and what is still to be achieved (Use the Tool: Reflective table for evaluating and improving to organize your evaluation).

4. Decide on what should be improved or changed in your project to achieve the goals and meet the rest of your success criteria. 

Further Reading: 

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