We wrote our baseline data and success indicators in the Reflective Table for Evaluating and Improving to see if we were on track. We immediately directed our efforts on aspects where indicators were not fully met. - Edina Vadovics, GreenDependent

 This is an excerpt from the pilot project story Climate club Godollo - Experience of GreenDependent in using the Make Energy Change Happen Toolkit. This piece shows how the reflective table was used in the pilot project.

According to GreenDependent, the evaluation process is highly important for improving the ongoing project and in terms of learning for future projects. Before the Climate Club started, GreenDependent worked out quantitative and qualitative criteria against which the overall success of the project could be measured. These criteria were entered into a template provided as part of the Define progress and manage external demands section of the toolkit. Later on GreenDependent used Evaluate and Improve template for documenting the mid-term and final evaluations of the Climate Club. GreenDependent also had a mid-term questionnaire for Climate Club participants to see the motivation for new activities and the general satisfaction of the people involved. It helped to highlight new topics to be discussed during the meetings, and make some changes to the format of the meetings.