The questionnaire showed that residents were most motivated to renovate if their energy cost would go down. Knowing this, we focused our information on the costs and revenues of renovation - Agris Kamenders,  Ekodoma Ltd.

This is an excerpt from the pilot project story Energy efficiency for Latvian multi-apartment dwellings -Ekodoma working with the Make Energy Change Happen Toolkit. Here, we describe how Agris Kamenders selected the best tools for engaging his particular target group.

In the early stages of the project, immediately after the target group had been chosen (i.e. residents of participating buildings), Ekodoma conducted a small study on the residents of the buildings.

“To gain insights into people’s concerns and interest in building renovation and energy efficiency, we distributed a short questionnaire to the residents and held several in-depth interviews with building elders and other residents. The outcomes helped us to improve our project ” says Agris. Ekodoma learned a couple of interesting things about the target group via the questionnaires and interviews which they could integrate in the project, like:

  • About half the people indicate that they have knowledge about energy efficiency measures that they mostly received via mass media.
  • In three of the non-renovated buildings, over 60% of the respondents indicate they would vote in favour of building renovation. In one building only a quarter of all respondents makes the same assertion. (The latter had recently required roof renovation).
  • The majority of respondents considers building renovation as the government's responsibility, but does not believe that governmental funding is available and does not rely on banks to finance renovation.
  • In the two renovated buildings where energy efficiency measures had been implemented, people had largely been convinced by their building manager and the building elder.
  • People are mostly motivated to invest in building renovation by the prospect of lower energy bills, increased comfort and a nicer appearance of their building (see graph).