Step 9: Test your ideas

iStock_000004504871XSmall.jpgWhen you have designed your intervention, it is important to test whether it works before you roll it out on a large scale. This is important because:

  • You may need to adapt your plans further to the needs, resources and interests of your target group
  • You need to be able to present your plans in a way that makes sense to them
  • You need to learn about problems and opportunities for implementation
  • You will need to be prepared to answer questions by people from the target group when you start implementing

You can use this activity to test your communication materials, along with the idea you are trying to communicate. This is very helpful, because your target group most likely understands things differently from you. Their questions will most certainly make your communications better.

Key Instructions: 
  1. Prepare material for presentation of your ideas and plans.
  2. Test your ideas and plans and make notes of the comments and ideas you get (see Tools: Testing your project plans).
  3. Revise your ideas and plans according to the feedback you received.