lampun_vaihtaminen.jpgTypical instruments for promoting energy saving include financial support and services, information and education campaigns, metering and feedback, energy audits, energy advice and voluntary commitments and programmes.

If you know what problem you are trying to address (see Step 1: Pinpoint your Problem), it is easier to select the right instruments to solve it.

Key Instructions: 

1. Select the appropriate instruments for your problem (see introductions in Tools: Tailor your instruments to context). If you need extra help, we recommend the Digital Instrument Planner offered by Agency NL.

2. Decide how to adapt them to your context (see advice in Tools: Tailor your instruments to context).

3. If necessary, read more about each instrument (see Backgrounds: Instruments to promote energy savings). They also give more detailed advice on success factors and how to adapt your instruments to context.

Further Reading: 
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