DSC04198.jpgFeedback reinforces change. To keep the process of change going, you need to provide feedback that motivates your target group and stakeholders. Visible achievements will renew and reinforce enthusiasm to continue. Feedback can be about:

Key Instructions: 
  1. Decide on which target group needs feedback and on what. 
  2. Select the appropriate time for giving feedback (see Step 13 for how to define milestones).
  3. Select the best format and media for your target group.
  4. Decide how frequently this information will be provided; keeping in mind your project's resources and your target group's needs.
  5. Tailor and adapt your message to the needs and interests of your target group.
  6. Remember to avoid information overload: concise and clear messages go a long way.
  7. Make sure your feedback helps people understand why goals have (or have not) been achieved. It is important that your feedback is encouraging and positive.
You can use the Tool: How to motivate with feedback and its checklist to organise your feedback efforts.  
Further Reading: 

Further resources on the effectiveness of consumption feedback

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