iStock_000001680387XSmall.jpgHaving analysed your problem, you should have a clearer idea which people you want to target. Your target groups can be homeowners, tenants, residents, employees, officials, teachers, students, neighbours, colleagues or consumers in a particular area, activity or organization. But you need to know more than that about them. Remember that they most likely:

Key Instructions: 
  1. Check how familiar you are with your target group (see Tools: What do you know about your target group?).
  2. Improve your understanding about your target group by doing a small-scale, easy-to-do research on them (see Tools: Tools for small-scale research).
  3. Consider how you can integrate the knowledge gained through small-scale research into your project (see Knowledge Quick Bites: What can I learn from small-scale research?).
  4. Use the lessons learned to adapt your project ideas to your target groups' needs, barriers and expectations.
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