A rose by any other name...? New contexts and players in European energy efficiency programmes

E. Heiskanen, M. Hodson, T. Kallaste, P. Maier, S. Marvin, R. Mourik, S. Rinne, M. Saastamoinen, E. Vadovics

Creating Lasting Change in Energy Use Patterns through Improved User Involvement

E. Heiskanen, M. Johnson, E. Vadovics

Carbon Trust Business activities

Carbon Trust

Online training tool to create a cost and cabron saving plan for your office. http://www.carbontrust.co.uk/cut-carbon-reduce-costs/products-services/s...


European website for energy efficiency in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises


Research project financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme

Evaluation of energy behaviour change programmes. http://www.energy-behave.net/


Rebound effect

Horace Herring

Put simply, the 'rebound' effect is the extent of the energy saving produced by an efficieny investment that is taken back by consumers in the form of higher consumption, either in the form of more hours of use or a higher quality of energy service. http://www.eoearth.org/article/Rebound_effect

Energy advice - what is it worth? 

Sarah Darby

What are the factors needed for advice to be effective? To what extent can advice to individuals be standardised? And how is advice best monitored and evaluated? Advice intiatives in the UK are reviewed. http://www.eceee.org/conference_proceedings/eceee/1999/Panel_3/p3_5/


Evaluation of free-of-charge energy audits

Kirsten Dyhr-Mikkelsen, Peter Bach

Best Practice Guide to Designing and Operating Climate Change Pledge Schemes
Commissioned by DEFRA
The project has explored how existing schemes work in order to identify current best practice and understand how pledge schemes can operate more effectively in the future. http://www.decc.gov.uk/assets/decc/what%20we%20do/global%20climate%20change%20and%20energy/tackling%20climate%20change/ind_com_action/bpg-climate-change-pledge-schemes-rev160608a.pdf
Turn Down. Switch Off. Recycle. Walk.

Energy Efficiency Governance - Handbook


This handbook has been written to assist EE practitioners, government officials and stakeholders to establish effective EE governance structures for their country. The handbook provides readers with relevant information in an accessible format that will help develop comprehensive and effective governance mechanisms. The detailed report is also avialable. http://www.iea.org/publications/free_new_Desc.asp?PUBS_ID=2307


Low-carbon communities as a context for individual behavioural change

E. Heiskanen, M. Johnson, S. Robinson, E. Vadovics, M. Saastamoinen

The questionnaire showed that residents were most motivated to renovate if their energy cost would go down. Knowing this, we focused our information on the costs and revenues of renovation - Agris Kamenders,  Ekodoma Ltd.

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