Downloadable Templates and Checklists

All downloadable templates and checklists are collected here for your convenience. To learn about an individual template or checklist, go to its Tool page (click "Belongs to this tool").

Template or Checklist Downloadable file Belongs to this Tool
Checklist for planning how to motivate your target group & stakeholders with feedback How to motivate with feedback
Checklist: What do you know about your target group? What do you know about your target group?
Define Progress and Manage External Demands Define goals and manage external demands
End-of-project reflection questions End-of-project reflection
Evaluate and Improve Template Reflective table for evaluating and improving
Forcefield analysis Opportunities and obstacles in your context
How to do a survey study: Instructions and checklist How to make a small survey study?
Instructions and checklist for interviews How to do an interview?
Manual and checklist for field observations How to do field observations?
Manual and checklist for focus groups How to organize a focus group discussion?
Mid-project self-evaluation Mid-project self-evaluation
Problem Tree Problem tree
Strategic assessment of partnerships Strategic assessment of partnerships
Table for active collection of feedback Active collection of feedback
Table for assessing the flexibility of your project Assess your project's flexibility
Visualize your stakeholders Visualize your stakeholders