What do you know about your target group?

Picture_036.jpgThis tool helps you assess your familiarity with your target group. It helps you see how well you know:

  • what are their interests and what benefits they value?
  • what they know about energy issues?
  • what economic, social, physical and information barriers exist to the change you want to accomplish?
  • who they interact with, who they trust?
  • what they are already doing to save energy?
  • what they expect from you and your project?
  • what they think and expect about the changes you want to accomplish?
  • what their needs, priorities and concerns are and how they relate to your project?
  • what factors in their environment influence their energy-related behaviour?

The tool gives you advice on how to proceed in learning more about your target group.

What you need to do: 
  1. Use the checklist below to assess what you know about your target group.
  2. Use the unchecked items to make a list of research needs.