Strategic assessment of partnerships

strategic-assessment-partnerships.jpgOnce you have mapped out the stakeholders in your project’s context, you might start thinking about how to work with different parties influencing your project. You can visualize your stakeholders and assess their importance for your project using a modified Power/Interest Grid which we call Strategic Stakeholder Visualization. 

Decide who to work with and how by answering these questions:

  • What are the main parties influencing the problem you are working with?
  • What are they doing about the problem now?
  • What are their main interests in relation to the focus of your problem?
  • Do you have interests in common?
  • Do you have contradictory interests?
  • What would happen to your project if you completely disregard the interests of this party?
  • What would happen to your project if you make your project exactly fit the interests of this party?
What you need to do: 
1. Think about the kinds of relationships you want to develop with each of your stakeholders (see questions above).

2. Use the Strategic Stakeholder Visualization template (download below) to decide who you want to:

(a) work with closely
(b) keep satisfied but not compromise with too much
(c) monitor and keep informed
(d) just keep informed

3. Decide on the appropriate measures to develop and maintain the right kind of relationship with each type of stakeholder.