End-of-project reflection

Picture_023_0.jpgThe end-of-project reflection helps you to assess the strategic value of the project you have just completed. It aims to help you in selecting and planning future projects so that they support your broader organizational mission and enhance your capabilities. The end-of-project reflection is based on a set of questions focussing on 3 different perspectives: that of future projects, your organisational resources and culture, and your relations with stakeholders.

The end-of-project reflection relates to the Background: How to become an organisation with greater systemic impact and provides a starting point for developing a learning culture.

What you need to do: 

Get together with your colleagues and reflect on the questions of the below checklist.

Answering these questions should help you become more effective in what you do. Additionally, especially questions 5 and 11-19 should contribute by helping you test your assumptions, clarify your own role and examine your relationships with stakeholders outside your organisation.