Support and services for efficiency investments

Energy investments can be complex, and the lack of suitable support and service providers can be a major obstacle for your target group. Some service providers may not be so reliable or there may be rumours around about unsuccessful renovations. Providing a network of reliable, certified and honest service providers can be an important trigger that helps people out of their inertia and confusion.

What you need to do: 
  • Use quality labels and certificates, where available
  • Compile a list of service providers, with price quotations and customer ratings
  • Collect and disseminate user experiences
  • Lack of suitable financial services may also be problem for your users. You might provide easy-to-use information on government support schemes (including who is eligible and how to get it) or other suitable financial services.
When does it work?: 
If you have sufficient resources, organizing support and services is a good way to promote energy efficiency investments, irrespective of whether you are working with households, businesses or municipalities. In particular, support and services are likely to be appropriate:
  • for less educated and wealthy households
  • for those who have limited skills in navigating the market
  • when it is possible to invest effort in coordinating and ‘packaging’ existing services
What do you need to look out for: 
Organising support and services requires a lot of time and effort. Thus:
► It is more feasible for large than for small projects.
► it can be done for small projects as well, but requires good planning.
► Results (in terms of actual investments generated) cannot be guaranteed.